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This is a place where philosophy meets real-world issues ...  A PLACE WHERE philosophy is for the people. 


The UnMute podcast is a monthly podcast hosted and produced by Myisha Cherry. It is called UnMute because we want to provide a platform to people and topics that have not been given much attention in mainstream philosophy. 

UnMute is focused on providing informal and accessible conversations about social, political, and ethical issues from a fresh, fun, and philosophical perspective. We talk with a diverse group of philosophers as they give their take on controversial issues, pop culture, and the political and ethical dramas of our day.

The UnMute experience is philosophical hip-hop and unapologetic intellectual jazz. It's a home-cooked meal made for the everyday citizen. Don't know what philosophy is? This podcast is for you. Want to get a fresh perspective about politics? This podcast is for you. Want to go deep, but keep your head above water? This podcast is for you.



the brilliant folks

Our guests are not merely talking heads or out of touch philosophers who recline in their armchairs all day. They are intellectuals who are concerned about social change and whose work reflects a connection to issues and people beyond academia. In other words, they are down for the struggle and down for the cause!

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